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Fifty-Six Pitches, Twelve Consultations, A Hundred Emails. One Dream New Client.

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Since Content Pathway started, there’s always been a deep intrinsic desire within us to find the most progressive and selfless environmental entrepreneurs in UK industry and work with them.

We are lucky, we already have environmental industry leaders like Kevin Basham of Plastic Expert, Daniel O’Connor of Warp It and Brendan O’Shea of Just Clear UK on our books. We’ve also been working with some great up and coming talent in Alfred Cleary of Junk Buster, and Jacob Hinson of Infinity Lockers & Infinity Charging.

How we work as a team

Perhaps you don’t know how I organise my team, which is understandable, because I’ve not before put it down in writing. There’s myself, Joseph, I own Content Pathway and I write 99% of the copy. There’s Charlie, he handles SEO, PPC and Email Marketing. Will does all the web design, web development and branding. Danny is our graphics guy, and we are currently training a content writer called Abby. As well as this, we have a photographer called Kat. You’ll see more about them on our upcoming team page (to be launched soon).

What’s unique about Content Pathway is that we don’t hire freelancers. All of the team have their own businesses or are self employed, and team up as contractors for projects. In their field of expertise, they often have creative freedom. This means that when a client works with us, they don’t get a manager who delegates work to cheap freelancers, they get an expert for every required role. Every one of our team makes a full time living from their craft, and most of us work remotely and travel at the same time, and have done for quite a while.

Right now, three out of the six of us are working outside of the UK, which will soon be 5 when Danny heads to Indonesia and Abby to Sri Lanka.

Remote work is the present and future.

How we select our clients

We don’t have the manpower to work with every business that gets in touch with us, so we have to be fairly selective and careful with our targeted marketing strategies. The easiest way to be selective, is of course to pitch only to businesses that we want to work with.

So, in December, I built a spreadsheet of business owners that I’d like to work with, and I pitched every single one of them. There were 56 in total.

I ended up doing 12 free one hour consultations.

I conversed over messaging platforms and email with around 20 businesses.

In the end, I settled on three new clients, and two pro bono cases.

There’s more in the pipeline too.

Whilst two of the new clients are still in the discussion stage over terms, I am very pleased to welcome Envirowaste as our newest client.

The rubbish clearance industry is quite outdated in truth, monolithic owners who practice ancient marketing techniques and approach technology like it’s still possible to use a Windows 95 PC. When businesses in this industry adapt to the modern day, they immediately begin reaping the rewards and experience growth. It’s this growth that we facilitate and act as a catalyst for.


Envirowaste’s owner, James, and their marketing manager, Ayo, were looking for a very particular set of skills to bring in house. Unfortunately, they were not able to find a creative talent to hire, so they expanded their search to remote professionals, and we connected at just the right time.

Without going into too many details, we’ve managed to put together an impressive content and email marketing strategy that myself and Charlie will be working on over the next 4 months, partially to prepare their audience for new GDPR legislation.

Envirowaste are a dream client for us. They are founded by a young and progressive environmental entrepreneur, with an experienced, friendly and creative marketing manager. Their ambitions are matched by ours, and we see this campaign being one of the most successful in Content Pathway’s two year existence.

Charlie’s role

Charlie was the Digital Marketing Manager for Home Logic, a client we produced copy for over several months, and in a high quantity, around 50,000 words to estimate. From our various discussions over work, we built a friendship and eventually Charlie revealed that he had his own marketing agency, Minty Digital, on the side. He was keen to become a remote worker like myself, and he made it happen through grit, determination and an acceptance for minimalism.

His agency has gone from strength to strength, bringing in international clients from Denmark, Romania and Spain. Charlie’s love of networking leads him all over the place, like recently when he visited a Yacht Conference in Amsterdam!

As a certified Google Adwords Partner and a digital marketer with years of experience, he has truly found his feet in SEO, PPC and Email Marketing.

Wish us great things for this project, as we are very excited to get it underway.


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Greenest regards,

Joseph Kennedy

Founder @ Content Pathway

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