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Driving the Czech Zero Waste Agenda, with Radim Kučera

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I was recently connected to Radim through a mutual friend in the city of Brno, Czech Republic, where Content Pathway was based from October 2017 to October 2018. Having exchanged a couple of emails and seen the great concept of his zero waste online store, I was excited to meet. Radim invited me to his office in Brno’s Impact Hub, …

Putting Sustainability into Events, with Carolina Vosátková

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I’m joined today by Carolina Vosátková, Sustainable Events and ISO20121 Events Consultant at Kuoni Destination Management. I’ll be honest, before my call with Carolina, I wasn’t really sure what she does, as this is the first time I’ve really come across ISO20121, the international standard for sustainable event management. However, after this call, as you’ll see, Carolina’s work is in …


Interview with Robert DeDomenico, Founder of CargoFish

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Robert and I connected recently on LinkedIn, where he contacted me to let me know about his idea, CargoFish. At first, I wasn’t sure I understood what ‘The Physical Internet’ really meant, but after reading more (during which my eyes grew wider and wider), I realized that what Robert is proposing is perhaps one of the biggest and most ambitious …

Interview with Michael Forbes, Renewable Parts Ltd

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Before I begin this interview, I’d like to say a big thanks to Hannah Ellis, Marketing Manager at Scotland-based Renewable Parts Ltd. Hannah spotted my offer to interview interesting circular economy projects and has been a wonderful liaison throughout this piece. This company is like no other that I’ve ever seen, and I described it in my chats with Hannah …

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Sarah Daly, Sustainable Development Expert & Founder of SD21

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Sarah and I connected recently on LinkedIn and quickly found that we had a mutual interest – sustainable development. Thanks to working with some clients in the construction industry in recent months, I’ve come to learn a lot about what the construction industry must do to become more sustainable. This industry alone accounts for more than half of all waste …

Interview with Jo Gallacher, Editor at Recycling & Waste World

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If you work in the waste industry, it’s very likely that you know the name Jo Gallacher, as she is one of the most prolific and capable writers on the scene. There are not many waste or environmental industry-specific writers, and I really do count myself among a small club, but within that club, Jo must certainly be one of …

michael groves

Interview with Michael Groves, Founder and CEO at Topolytics

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Before I start firing questions at Michael, my charming guest this week, I’d like to say a few words about the waste management industry. My background, at least my entry into the environmental world, was with a terrific plastic recycling company called Plastic Expert and a fantastic entrepreneur called Kevin Basham. The experience of working closely with an environmental entrepreneur …

Interview with Guy Jeremiah, Inventor of Ohyo and 2Bag

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My latest guest in the Content Pathway interview series has a rich history in the environmental industry. He is a serial entrepreneur, has appeared on Dragons’ Den, and is the brains behind both the collapsible bottle ‘Ohyo’ and the extendable bag ‘2Bag’. —– I’m very pleased to welcome Guy Jeremiah, an environmental consultant and entrepreneur with big ideas, vast success, …

Making Green Business Good Business, with Frederik van Deurs and Martin Andreas Petersen

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I’m very pleased to be introducing Frederik van Deurs, CEO of GREENTECH CHALLENGE and Martin Andreas Petersen, the CFO. Having read through their website and listened to a bit of their podcast, I think I have more questions than answers, which is probably a good thing for this interview. What I do know is that winning the GREENTECH CHALLENGE would …

Interview with Wiebe Wakker, The Phileas Fogg of Electric Vehicles

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Before I begin this interview, I want to say a huge thank you to Wiebe, who has taken time out from his exceptional journey to answer some of my burning questions. A friend of mine first alerted me to Wiebe’s amazing facebook page ‘Plug Me In‘ (please like) and I’ve been hooked ever since on his friendly posts, news clips, …