“Nobody wilfully goes out of their way to damage the environment” – Jill Butler-Rennie

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Hi Jill, thanks for being interviewed to celebrate the two year anniversary of Content Pathway. As you may have seen, last year I interviewed Yoshioka Tatsuya, the founder of Peace Boat. He talked to me about how peace, environmentalism and sharing knowledge are all interlinked. Can you start by telling us who you are and what you do? I’m Jill …

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Fifty-Six Pitches, Twelve Consultations, A Hundred Emails. One Dream New Client.

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Since Content Pathway started, there’s always been a deep intrinsic desire within us to find the most progressive and selfless environmental entrepreneurs in UK industry and work with them. We are lucky, we already have environmental industry leaders like Kevin Basham of Plastic Expert, Daniel O’Connor of Warp It and Brendan O’Shea of Just Clear UK on our books. We’ve …


Interview with Yoshioka Tatsuya, founder of Peace Boat

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Content Pathway are incredibly pleased to welcome Yoshioka Tatsuya, founder of Peace Boat and Ecoship, for our FIRST interview on this blog. We hope you will be as inspired and impressed as we were… Hey! Thanks for doing this interview with Content Pathway, would you like to introduce yourself, Peace Boat and Ecoship to our readers? I am Yoshioka Tatsuya, …