About Content Pathway

Content Pathway started as an idea.

The idea was a journey to push environmentally focused businesses to grow and nurture their audiences through education, communication and innovation.

We know that if people, businesses and technology work together, there can be a world free from environmental collapse, ecological ruin and unbreathable air.

We are the Content Pathway, the first and only dedicated environmental copywriting agency.

Our Head of Copy & Founder, Joseph Kennedy, is a career professional environmental copywriting consultant who has worked and trained as a writer, influencer and SEO expert for the past six years.

The environment cannot speak for itself, but you can help convey its message whilst growing your audience at the same time.

Earth friendly content.

Human friendly prices.

Our Journey

Founded by a passionate environmentalist copywriter in early 2016, we have gone on to partner with dozens of businesses to develop and implement cutting-edge content marketing strategies.

We will provide you with well researched, informative and bespoke content to engage your audience. We will rid your pages of errors, update all of your content and create a greener, cleaner website that works better with Google, resulting in better rankings and reputation.

Building content now will cement your website's success for the future, creating resources that drive growth, interest and loyalty.

We've helped our clients to win national awards, 10x their traffic and become recognised as progressive pillars of the community.

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We Are Comitted To The Environment

100% Environmentally friendly

We are happy when you are happy, when the final outcome is visible and the benefits are measurable.

You will communicate directly with your consultant so that they can convey your message, in your tone.

Environmental principles and passion are at the core of our business and daily activities.

We are carbon neutral and zero-to-landfill

‘We only work with businesses who see us as an investment’

To build a future worth sharing...

Your environmental image will be improved, bringing you leads, sales and revenue.

Our journey is education, communication and innovation.

Our destination is a world free from environmental collapse.

“Content Pathway are great to work with. They produce work of a high quality with minimal guidance, on time. After only a few assignments I knew I had struck gold!”

Daniel O’Connor, Warp It

“Content Pathway have some fantastic copywriters and working with them has been a pleasure. Even when writing about products that they don’t have experience with, they are still able to create fantastic and compelling content.”

Jacob Hinson, Infinity Lockers

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