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8 Days, 5 Countries, Rest, 3 Days Hiking

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I have my convictions

  • Travel is essential for learning
  • Money is a necessary evil
  • Italian food is from another (better planet)


I recently got back from an amazing August Italy adventure that looked something like this:

Brno > Prague

Prague > Bologna

Bologna > Rimini

Rimini > San Marino

San Marino > Florence

Florence > Rome

Rome > Vatican

Rome > Vienna

Vienna > Brno

Five countries in eight days (Czech, Italy, San Marino, Vatican, Austria). You’d think I would be rushed off my feet, but because I was travelling solo, waking up early, and doing all of the tourist activities during the early hours or the evening, I managed to spend the hottest part of the day with my old friend Air-Conditioning, getting a lot of work done. I didn’t even work on public transport, as usual, because I couldn’t get a seat anywhere! Italy’s trains and buses were packed to the brim.


It was not my first trip to Italy

But it was certainly my best. Last time I was there, a man shaved my head by accident, I was conned by a Thai lady, and I nearly fell off a roof trying to impress a Kiwi girl. This time, I was not a 20-year-old scruffy backpacker. I travelled by train, I stayed in hotels, and I ate at restaurants. A younger (stingier) me would be both proud and surprised.

The last time I was in Italy, it was on my way home from a volunteer camp in Albania. This time, I was going just to explore, and do some work, of course. Client work recently has been very interesting, and whilst in Italy I had requests from multiple clients to discuss international recycling law, the repeal of certain bin types, and I was even asked to proofread a white paper.


The gift of photography

Italy was a birthday gift to myself. But, the most incredible gift I received was a DSLR camera from one of my oldest and greatest friends. It has been by my side ever since. Here are my favourite shots.

bologna porticos

The Porticos of San Luca, Bologna

An elderly woman in San Marino

San Marino street

Tower 2, San Marino City

Florence by day

Florence by night

The path to the Colosseum – Rome

Dancing man – Rome

Colosseum – Rome

View from the Basilica – Vatican

The Ceiling on the Vatican


The trip didn’t end there

I returned back to my overseas home of Brno, Czech Republic, where my partner was waiting for me. I took a couple of days to relax, and then we packed the car with food and drink and headed down to Semmering, Southeast Austria.

During the car ride, I opened my laptop and worked. It’s incredible really, I have a friend whose marketing agency fell under because the overheads were too high. He got a company car, an office and a team before they had any customers. Then there’s me, I’ve built a small team of dependable freelancers, I have a wonderful business partner with whom neither of us has anything to lose, and I can work offline in my flip-flops from the comfort of my girlfriend’s VW Golf while we fly down the autobahn at 130kmh. Do people really have their priorities in order? Making money is a necessary evil – an office, full-time staff and a BMW are not. Are they?

I craved Italian food, but I settled for the all-inclusive Austrian buffet food in our mountain hotel. Italian food is from another planet. I had the best pizza ever in Bologna and the best pasta in San Marino. I miss it.

Before this turns into a food blog, I’m going to wrap up, tell you thanks for reading, and leave you with my best pictures from our 3 day trip to Austria.

Also Gruner See

Gruner See. Spectacular.


The Semmering Railway line

Very close up!


“Give me back my camera”

The end!

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